This one’s called School’s On (2018).

These are the people responsible for this particular short film.


David Autovino
Paul Spitale
Pamela Mount
Amanda Vink
David Cloyd
Katie Crewdson
Jason Yates
John Myers

Written & Directed by

Bill Paterson
Kathy Kastan
Jason Yates

Director of Photography

John Myers

Original Music by

David Cloyd

Produced by

Michaela Kowalick

Edited by

Jason Yates

Hair & Makeup

Josselyn Scott


Alex Brown
Caroline Butler
Amber Doerr
Michael Drago
Tommy Kane
Jacob Polcyn-Evans
Laura Randall


School of the Holy Childhood, Rochester, NY

Special Thanks

Myers Creative Imaging
Donna Dedee

We made this short film for the 2018 Buffalo 48 Hour Film Project.


Top 10 Films
Best Musical Score
Best Graphics


Audience Favorite
Best Film
Best Directing
Best Acting
Best Editing
Best Costumes
Best Choreography

Required Elements

Genre: Family Film
Prop: A tomato
Line of Dialogue: “I can’t do it without you.”
Character: Paul or Paula Grigsby, a collector

This is the Trailer.

This is the Poster.