This is Cloyd. It’s a web series.

Music is giving him the business.

David Cloyd was born to make music. So why hasn’t he made it big? With the clock ticking, the artist known as Cloyd is ready to make one last push. He looks for help from an oddball agent who might actually be making things worse. And cringeworthy run-ins with fellow creative types are entertaining to everyone else but the guy they’re happening to. It all makes Cloyd wonder if he will ever reach his dream.

Cloyd (Season 1) :: Episode 1 – Vin Diesel Had Better Watch Out

Cloyd is a guest on a local video podcast where he plays guitar—and second fiddle to another charismatic artist.

CLOYD (Season 1) :: Weblette℠ – Carmine’s Agent, Laura

Carmine takes a quick phone call with his agent Laura. Or Lydia. Leola. Whatever her name is.

Cloyd (Season 1) :: Episode 2 – The Hot Digital Shizz

Cloyd is presented some unconventional marketing ideas, while watching his officemate wildly succeed.

Cloyd (Season 1) :: Episode 3 – Polite, But Still Legally Insistent

Cloyd is excited to get hired for studio work, but an overzealous client makes it a surreal experience.

CLOYD (Season 1) :: Weblette℠ – The Super Agent

Whatever it is you’re looking for, Cloyd’s agent has fifty of them in a warehouse right now.

These are the people responsible for this web series.


David Autovino
David Cloyd
Paul Spitale
Jordan Lema
Marisa Caruso
Jason Yates
Maria Braun
John Ceglia

Written, Directed, and Created by

Bill Paterson
Kathy Kastan
Jason Yates
David Cloyd

Director of Photography

Alex Brown

Edited by

Jason Yates

Original Music & Score by

David Cloyd

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Cloyd Season 1 Poster - 2020 - PizzaDog Studios